TableMaker is an “arm" of Hope Street, and as such we share the same DNA. We feed Hope Street operations with our profits as well as Cultivate Hope, Build Community, and Protect our staff from any nearby toxic environs.


We build tables that are beautiful using somewhat inefficient and time consuming methods because we want them to last for generations to come. Tables are like our lives in some ways; the ones that are hurriedly put together usually fall apart pretty easily. What better way to learn how to build a life (after things have fallen apart) than to slowly cut, plane, sand and meticulously fit pieces of wood together into a beautiful and useful table that will last for decades?


Even more, our tables become places where communities, families, and friends continue to share meals, encourage the weary, and be real with each other in a safe environment. But the very best part is our secret ingredient in each table...




We have inherited it, we cherish it, we help others see it in themselves, and we don't let the messiness of life or building tables tarnish it. We are all tablemakers in one way or another.


TableMaker is a for-profit entity owned by Hope Street, a non-profit entity on Milwaukee's Northside that is a Greenhouse for People. It is home to about 40 broken men, women and children. We Cultivate Hope, Build Community and Protect from the outside toxic environment. To learn more click the button below. 

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Tablemaker doesn’t make perfect tables. We didn’t see a need to buy CNC machines and mass produce tables assembled with screws and staples made out of thinly veneered particle board. Those tables serve a purpose, but not ours. We build community. We cultivate hope. Our tables represent those truths. We use hand crafted mortise and tenons and make our own dowels to make deep and lasting connecting points. Just like individuals do when building communities, it’s slow, hard, work, but in the end, it’s beautiful. We use wood that has often been thrown away or deemed unusable, unstable, or unsightly because we see the beauty in brokenness. And with care and thought these unique boards can serve to remind us our flaws or mistakes don’t render us useless. The people that make our tables are learning how to see their brokenness as a part of a bigger story, and not hide from it or isolate themselves. So when you buy one of our tables you’ll see wood that may have a few imperfections but is still strong, beautiful, and will last a lifetime. 

© 2018 by Hope Street.

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